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1st Unit Reservation


  • Payable in CASH, CREDIT CARD, or CHEQUE
  • Payment must be made within 24 hours from the date of Reservation Application
  • SEND a copy of the PAYMENT TRANSACTION REPORT, FUND TRANSFER FORM, WIRE TRANSFER FORM, or the REMITTANCE SLIP to our Online Telemarketer as proof of payment via fax, scanned email attachment, online file transfer, or through courier service


Step 1

1st: Access our ONLINE PAYMENT page and click RESERVE NOW
2nd: Register – fill in all / or the required fields
3rd: Click SUBMIT
NOTE: An auto-notification regarding email verification will appear on your screen. Please verify to be able to continue with the payment. Once email has been verified, you may go back to our online page, proceed to STEP 2, and log in.

Step 2

1st: Choose the project from the dropdown
2nd: Fill in the unit number
3rd: Fill in the Reservation Fee amount
4th: Choose your mode of payment for Down Payment and Monthly Amortizations

Step 3

1st: Have your credit card ready
2nd: Choose the type of credit card to be used for payment
2nd: Check the details on your credit card – your name, credit card number, and expiration date – to ensure smooth transaction
3rd: Fill in your card number
4th: Fill in the expiration date of your credit card
5th: Fill in your 3-digit CSV security number found at the back of your credit card
6th: Click PAY
7th: Wait while payment is being processed
NOTE: Within seconds, an auto-report / auto-notification of your payment will appear on your screen
8th: Print the NOTIFICATION REPORT of your transaction
9th: Affix DATE of the date of payment and SIGN OVER PRINTED NAME
10th: Send a copy to your ONLINE TELEMARKETER via scanned email attachment, fax, or courier
11th: Download the BIS (Buyer's Information Sheet) and RA (Reservation Application) forms, sign over printed name, have it scanned; then send to our ONLINE TELEMARKETER via email attachment, fax, or courier.
NOTE: Please fill in all the remaining details in the forms and complete all requirements before forwarding to our ONLINE TELEMARKETER.